Hourly Fee Services​ --$60 Per Hour

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We Specialize in:

Bookkeeping 记账

Anna Zhao 
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Tax Preparation 报税

What is a Transaction?
We estimate your monthly fee based on transaction volume. For example, a suppliers invoice to you which you need to pay would be reflected as 2 transactions: 1 for the entering of the bill, and 1 for producing a corresponding cheque / payment.



Fixed Fee Services


  • $200/Month - 100 Transactions, 2 Accounts
  • $280/Month - 200 Transactions, 3 Accounts
  • $380/Month - 300 Transactions, 4 Accounts

MoneyTree​ Bookkeeping & Tax Services, LLC 

​金钱树 记账 & 报税 

​​We offer bookkeeping services to clients from many different industries including, but not limited to, retailers, auto repair service shops, restaurants and bistros, construction companies and Realtors. We understand that different industries share different characteristics. Our professionals will help you to organize your bookkeeping system based on your needs.

  • Individual Tax Preparation ----报个人税​ (W2 表格)
  • Self Employed Returns--公司报税或有1099表格
  • F1/J1/OPT/H1B 报税